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Simple Jingle Earrings with Red Peruvian Bead


Simple Jingle style earring, featuring a red Peruvian bead.


This version of our Simple Jingle style earring features a red Peruvian bead.

This style of earring does not make a jingle sound, making it suitable for the sound-sensitive. Each earrings has a large single cone, without the dangling beads seen on the original and double styles, but with beads above the cones.

The cones are made with nickel-plated or coated light metals, and are extremely lightweight. Note that metals may darken over time.

Each earring will measure 3" to 3.5", including the hooks, and weigh 0.1 to 0.2 oz total. Sold by the pair.


Jingles were once metal tobacco lids and other round metal objects that were rolled into a cone shape to then be sewn onto a Jingle dress. We are proud to be exclusively using Native made Jingles by Anishinaabe Bimishimo for our jewelry.

Lluvia who is indigenous to Peru created this original design when she was a cultural arts social worker working with Native American Youth involved in the Foster Care system. In both the original style and the double style, the hanging strands and the two jingles represent Lluvia and the inspiring young Native youth she worked with. All supplies used to make these earrings are from Native American owned businesses.

10% of all proceeds go to support Native American youth that are currently or have been involved in the foster care system.


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