Fulani Twist Necklace Extra


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Fulani Twist Necklace Extra

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Fulani Twist Necklace Extra.

TruAncestry is a way for business owner Ahmad to express his love for his indigenous culture while also pivoting his business model from food to products that can be sold online. 

Born and raised in New Orleans LA, Ahmad has always had a passion to eat good and feel good. With a family in Oregon Ahmad started his food business, New Orleans and Family in 2019 after completing a six year sentence in state penitentiaries.

While surviving incarceration Ahmad read everything that he could get his hands on about tracing his indigenous and family ancestry/history. Once home, Ahmad took several DNA tests and spent countless hours researching his family’s history.

In 2019 Ahmad found part of the history he had been looking for. The MatriClan Test through African Ancestry revealed the African country of origin and ethnic group (tribe) that Ahmad shares maternal ancestry with, his results revealed he is from the Nomadic Fulani tribe in Northern Africa.

Indigenous Come Up would not be where we are today without Ahmad, he has invested his time, energy and ideas with us through our years of growth and we are thrilled and honored to have been included in his journey back to his indigenous roots.

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