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Eagle and Condor Large Pin


Hard enamel pin featuring our Eagle and Condor Logo.

This hard enamel pin features our Eagle and Condor Logo. Two capped pin-posts on the back help this pin attach securely to clothing, accessories, luggage, or other fabric items. The large pin measures 1.5" in diameter. Note that metals may darken over time.

Pachacutek - the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor - came from the Q’ero people of Peru over 500 years ago. Pachacutek calls for a time when the indigenous people of the south and the north, represented by the Eagle and the Condor, will share knowledge and return to our roots and our cultures.

In our logo art, you see each of these birds represented. On top is the Condor, and below is the Eagle. The art work is inspired by the breathtaking and mind-blowing Nazca Lines of Nazca, Peru.

For Indigenous Come Up, the time for Pachacutek is now. We are preparing, and healing, for a world without systems that do more harm than good.

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