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Our Logo

Our logo is of special importance to us and we share its meaning whenever we can. Lluvia is indigenous to Peru, with Andean/Inca heritage – represented by the Condor. The Eagle is the larger bird representing the Native American community. 



Sustaining our Cultures

Sharing indigenous way of life and culture is what we indigenous people have always done. At Indigenous Come Up, we are sustaining our cultures by creating and promoting stronger connections to our indigenous cultures, no matter where one is indigenous to. 

Indigenous Come Up founded the Portland Indigenous Marketplaces to make sure that the local Portland indigenous artists and entrepreneurs can vend in culturally respectful spaces and events. Indigenous Come Up is committed to supporting other indigenous businesses when ever possible.

We only use Anishinaabe Bimishimo Jingles because they are the only Native made Jingles that we have had the opportunity to work with. Our Jingle earrings are 100% made from supplies that are bought from Native American owned businesses. 

Why We Do What We Do

Buying indigenous made and designed products by indigenous-owned businesses is a challenge because of the relentless cultural appropriation of the retail industry and the history of worldwide indigenous cultural suppression.

Indigenous cultures are only sustained if passed on. We strive to connect our consumers to our indigenous culture by sharing how our products represent our cultures.

We came from nothing now we are Indigenous Come Up supporting other government and tribal system survivors through this website and other outlets.

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Sell With Us

At Indigenous Come up we work with entrepreneurs who are government or tribal system survivors who have recently connected with their indigenous roots. 

No matter where you are indigenous to, if you are ready to connect to your culture, we are working on ways to support you you in making that a reality.

 Indigenous Come Up is a small family owned business.

Interested? Fill out the Seller Intake Form and we will get back to you soon. 


The Condor and the Eagle

The prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle – Pachacutek is represented on our logo. Our logo meaning and art come from indigenous cultures of Peru.



community organizing & engagement skills out the roof!!  definitely elevating opportunities for Indigenous come up!  thanks friends! always a great time working side by side! see you all soon!

Roberta Eaglehorse-Ortiz


Wonderful people creating beautiful things that matter.

Damiana Paternoster


Helping the indigenous people to make the beautiful jewelry and other stuff to show off the beautiful things they can make and sell with the help of Indigenous Come Up

Mary Crockett

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